Mission and Vision

‚ÄčThe Mission of the Archdiocese of the Sacred Heart:

“To faithfully uphold the teachings of the Rule of Saint Benedict, we, the Archdiocese of the Sacred Heart, commit ourselves to fostering a community of love, prayer, and service that reflects the timeless wisdom of Saint Benedict. Rooted in the Catholic faith and Benedictine traditions, our mission is to nurture spiritual growth, embrace diversity, and promote social justice, thus radiating God’s love to all.”

Vision of the Archdiocese of the Sacred Heart:

“Inspired by the Rule of Saint Benedict, we envision an Archdiocese of the Sacred Heart where:

  1. Holistic Spirituality: We cultivate a deep and vibrant spiritual life among our members, encouraging them to seek God through prayer, contemplation, and reflection. Our Benedictine spirituality emphasizes balance, stability, and humility as we strive to become better disciples of Christ.

  2. Inclusive Community: We aspire to be an inclusive and welcoming community, where all individuals, regardless of their background, are embraced and encouraged to participate fully in the life of the Church. Our unity in diversity reflects the love and compassion of Christ.
  3. Service to Others: We dedicate ourselves to serving the needs of the vulnerable and marginalized in our society, embodying the Benedictine principle of hospitality. We actively engage in acts of charity, social justice advocacy, and outreach to address the pressing issues of our times.
  4. Lifelong Learning: We promote a culture of continuous learning and intellectual growth, embracing the Benedictine pursuit of knowledge. We support educational institutions, encourage theological exploration, and seek to engage with contemporary challenges while respecting our rich theological heritage.
  5. Stewardship and Sustainability: We recognize our responsibility to care for God’s creation. We commit to environmental stewardship and sustainability efforts, aligning with the Benedictine values of simplicity, frugality, and care for the earth.
  6. Peace and Reconciliation: We actively work towards peace and reconciliation within our community and in the wider world, following the Benedictine commitment to harmony and conflict resolution.
  7. Vibrant Worship: We celebrate our faith through vibrant and meaningful liturgical experiences, drawing from the rich liturgical traditions of the Church and Benedictine spirituality.

The Archdiocese of the Sacred Heart envisions a community where God’s love is manifested through our actions, and where the Rule of Saint Benedict serves as a guide for living a life of faith, love, and service.