Our Statement of Faith

Following the Teachings of the Rule of Saint Benedict

In the light of our unwavering commitment to the Rule of Saint Benedict, we, the faithful of the Archdiocese of the Sacred Heart, declare our profound Statement of Faith. Rooted in the rich tradition of Benedictine spirituality, we embrace the following principles and beliefs:

  1. Divine Love and Providence: We believe in the boundless love and providence of God, our Creator and Sustainer. We acknowledge that all that exists is a gift from God, and we are called to recognize and respond to His love in all aspects of our lives.
  2. Community Life: Inspired by the Rule of Saint Benedict, we cherish the importance of communal living, seeking to build and nurture loving, supportive, and inclusive communities. We recognize that in the company of others, we grow in our relationship with God and our understanding of ourselves.
  3. Ora et Labora (Prayer and Work): We affirm the significance of a balanced life of prayer and work. Prayer is our foundation, allowing us to seek God’s guidance and presence in all that we do. Through diligent work, we contribute to the well-being of our communities and the world.
  4. Hospitality and Service: Following the Benedictine tradition, we are committed to practicing hospitality and serving those in need. We welcome all who come to us as if they were Christ Himself and strive to be instruments of God’s mercy and compassion.
  5. Stewardship: We embrace stewardship as a sacred responsibility, acknowledging that all creation is entrusted to our care. We strive to be responsible and respectful stewards of the environment, our resources, and the gifts with which we have been blessed.
  6. Listening and Discernment: We value the art of listening deeply, not only to one another but also to the still, small voice of God. Through discernment, we seek to discern His will for our lives, our communities, and our world.
  7. Education and Learning: We are committed to the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, recognizing that education is a lifelong journey. We strive to be lifelong learners, understanding that growth in faith and understanding is a continual process.
  8. Justice and Peace: In accordance with the Gospel and the Rule of Saint Benedict, we advocate for justice, peace, and the dignity of every person. We work to alleviate suffering, promote reconciliation, and build a more just and equitable society.
  9. Sacramental Life: We hold the sacraments of the Church in high regard as encounters with the living God. We participate in the sacramental life of the Church, especially the Eucharist, as a source of grace and spiritual nourishment.
  10. Hope and Eternity: Grounded in our faith, we hold steadfast to the hope of eternal life. We believe that our journey on Earth is a preparation for the heavenly kingdom, and we eagerly await the fulfillment of God’s promises.

In living out these principles, we seek to reflect the timeless wisdom of Saint Benedict and his Rule. As members of the Archdiocese of the Sacred Heart, we commit ourselves to deepening our faith, sharing God’s love, and building a community rooted in the Benedictine way of life, all for the greater glory of God. Amen.