College of Bishops

Our College of Bishops consists of bishops within The Archdiocese of the Sacred Heart.

Our members of our College of Bishops can vary depending on the specific organization or parish. In general, our College of Bishops is made up of:

  1. Archbishops: High-ranking bishops who may oversee multiple dioceses or have a special role within the organization.
  2. Bishops: Leaders of individual dioceses or regions within the larger ecclesiastical structure.
  3. Auxiliary Bishops: Bishops who assist the diocesan bishop in the administration of a diocese.
  4. Suffragan Bishops: Bishops who assist an archbishop or metropolitan bishop in larger ecclesiastical jurisdictions.
  5. Presiding Bishops: Bishops who have a leadership role in governing the overall organization or denomination.
  6. Retired Bishops: Former bishops who may still be involved in the governance and leadership of the organization.
  7. Other Designated Leaders: Depending on the organization, there may be other bishops or clergy with specific roles within the College of Bishops.

It’s important to note that the composition and titles of the members can vary widely within our ecclesiastical structures. If you’re specifically inquiring about a particular parish or diocese, it would be best to refer to their official documentation or contact them directly for accurate and up-to-date information about the members within our College of Bishops.

Major Archbishops

Major Archbishop of the West
Pacific Coast Province
Mountain States Province

Major Archbishop of the Midwest
West-North-Central Province
East-North-Central Province

Major Archbishop of the Northeast
Mid-Atlantic States Province
New England States Province

Major Archbishop of the South
South Atlantic Province
West-South-Central Province
East-South-Central Province

Pacific Coast Province

Archdiocese of the Pacific Coast
Diocese of Washington
Diocese of Oregon
Diocese of California

Mountain States Province

Archdiocese of the Mountain States
Diocese of Montana
Diocese of Idaho
Diocese of Wyoming
Diocese of Nevada
Diocese of Colorado
Diocese of Utah
Diocese of Arizona
Diocese of New Mexico

West North-Central Province

Archdiocese of the West-North-Central States
Diocese of North Dakota
Diocese of South Dakota
Diocese of Minnesota
Diocese of Nebraska
Diocese of Iowa
Diocese of Kansas
Diocese of Missouri

West South Central Province

Archdiocese of the West-South-Central States
Diocese of Oklahoma
Diocese of Arkansas
Diocese of Texas

Middle Atlantic States Province

Archdiocese of the Middle-Atlantic States
Diocese of New York
Diocese of Pennsylvania

New England States Province

Archdiocese of the New England States
Diocese of New Hampshire
Diocese of Vermont
Diocese of Massachusetts
Diocese of Maine

Province of Alaska and Hawaii

Archdiocese of Alaska and Hawaii
Diocese of Alaska
Diocese of Hawaii

East South Central Province

Archdiocese of the East-South-Central States
Diocese of Kentucky
Diocese of Tennessee
Diocese of Mississippi
Diocese of Alabama

South Atlantic Province

Archdiocese of the South-Atlantic States
Diocese of Delaware
Diocese of Maryland
Diocese of the District of Columbia
Diocese of West Virginia
Diocese of North Carolina
Diocese of South Carolina
Diocese of Georgia
Diocese of Florida