Becoming a Member

The Archdiocese of the Sacred Heart holds dear the teachings and values of Saint Benedict, a devout Christian who lived in the 6th century and founded the Benedictine Order.

The Benedictine faith tradition is centered on a life of prayer, work, community, and hospitality, and it is open to all who wish to embrace its principles and seek a deeper connection with God.

  1. Attend Mass and Worship: The first step towards becoming a member of the Archdiocese of the Sacred Heart is to attend Mass and engage in regular worship at one of our Benedictine parishes or monastic communities. This allows individuals to experience the Benedictine spirituality firsthand and become familiar with our faith traditions.
  2. Study and Formation: Embracing the Benedictine faith tradition requires a commitment to lifelong learning and spiritual formation. We offer various programs and classes for both newcomers and those looking to deepen their understanding of Benedictine spirituality. This may include courses on the Rule of Saint Benedict, Benedictine history, and contemplative prayer practices.
  3. Community Life: Central to the Benedictine tradition is the importance of community life. Individuals interested in becoming members of the Archdiocese of the Sacred Heart are encouraged to participate in the life of a Benedictine community. This can involve attending retreats, joining in communal prayer, and engaging in service to the local community.
  4. Vocational Discernment: Some individuals may feel called to a more committed and dedicated life within the Benedictine faith tradition. If one senses a vocation to monastic life, they can begin the discernment process by contacting one of our monastic communities. This process involves a period of discernment, spiritual direction, and, if called, formal entry into a Benedictine monastery.
  5. Oblates and Lay Associates: For those who wish to integrate Benedictine spirituality into their daily lives without becoming monks or nuns, we offer the opportunity to become Oblates or Lay Associates. These individuals make a formal commitment to live according to the Rule of Saint Benedict while remaining in their respective vocations. This allows them to maintain their family and work responsibilities while deeply engaging with the Benedictine way of life.
  6. Reception into the Archdiocese: Once individuals have explored and embraced the Benedictine faith tradition through study, prayer, and community involvement, they may request to be formally received into the Archdiocese of the Sacred Heart. This is a joyful occasion, and it marks their commitment to live out the Benedictine values in their daily lives.

In all aspects of this journey, we emphasize the Benedictine values of humility, stability, and a love for prayer and work. Through these steps, individuals can become cherished members of the Archdiocese of the Sacred Heart and continue to grow in their faith and understanding of the Benedictine tradition.

May the love of the Sacred Heart guide and sustain you on your spiritual journey, and may Saint Benedict’s wisdom be a beacon of light on your path to deeper spirituality and community life.