The Most Reverend Sean A. Nutter, Sr.

Message from the Presiding Bishop

Archdiocese of the Sacred Heart, has been designed to provide a meaningful resolution for those seeking a church while acknowledging the need for oversight and mentoring. Archdiocese of the Sacred Heart. is made up of Christian believers and it was established for the sole purpose of creating a Kingdom driven synergy for the 21st century and beyond. The church stands rightly accused of reneging upon promise and moving away from our original mission allowing traditions to continue without relevance and opting for entertainment instead of empowerment.

Our mission is very clear Archdiocese of the Sacred Heart is a ministry that believes in the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. We have accepted the call to continue the ministry of Christ and realize that to walk in His footsteps; we must serve with a spirit of excellence, integrity and compassion to serve God’s people. Our aim is to establish a fruitful faith community where saints grow prosper and discover God’s divine assignment for their lives. Our environment encourages persons to mature in the faith, love one another, and worship God in spirit and in truth and accept the call to become Kingdom minded and Kingdom driven.

At the beginning of the year 2008, we stepped into a season of acceleration… a season of fresh ideas and new inventions, where God has stepped up the pace! Anointing that have been dormant have come alive to bring about reform in government, in business, and in global economics. The Reformers are on the scene! Please feel free to contact us with questions that you may have pertinent to you becoming a viable part of this tremendous move of God. I look forward to meeting with you soon.

In His Divine Service,

The Most Reverend Sean A. Nutter, D.Min.
Presiding Bishop, Archdiocese of the Sacred Heart