The Most Reverend Dwayne P. Taylor

Message from the Presiding Archbishop

   Greetings to you all, I’m so happy to be apart of an organization that will help enhance the Kingdom of God. For a Greater Purpose The Archdiocese of the Sacred Heart, has been designed to give total glory to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are excited for you taking time out of your busy schedules to come on this page. We are a place where Church leaders can be mentored and encourage thru the word of God. We want to build Churches for the Glory of God.   The Archdiocese of the Sacred Heart is helping bringing together a Greater Kingdom Fellowship that will allow us not to focus on the traditions of man, but follow at the example of Jesus Christ. 

      Our Mission in Denver is to focus on the resurrecting power of Jesus Christ. All those who have truly accepted the call of Ministry on his or her life will take  this walk seriously, to the point that we have our steps and thoughts of the mind ordered by the Lord. We accept the calling on our lives with the spirt of excellence. Our conduct  and morality and wiliness of the heart is to be a servant to God’s people. We realize that real true Ministry never sleeps . Our Worship atmosphere will allow people to walk in the five fold ministry and encourage all of us to grow up together through the word of God taking accountability and responsibility for our actions. As of April 5, 2020, we shall rise to the occasion of being a ministry that is for the people. We want to help each other  repair and build our credit so that we can obtaining permanent housing and live within our means. We pray that at some point, that we can work together and build schools that will help our children grow and develop to being leaders that will change our world with the love of Christ.  

     This is a new season, and better and greater days are ahead of us for ministry.  As we grow and work together. Let us accept and apply the lesson we learn from his divine word to our everyday lives. We cannot and will not have the anointing in the pulpit, but not have it in the home.  We must be doers of the word and not just hears only. We must take God’s word read, listen, and apply his word as we think critically and change our world for the love of Jesus Christ. We are Overcomers for the Greater Kingdom of God. Because I know with us working together, We shall be able to build a Greater Kingdom built on the foundation of Christ and Christ alone. I invite you to join us in service together.

Your Servant in Christ

Archbishop Dwayne P. Taylor